The CHESO’s Child Education Support Programme focuses on tracing and taking out of school girls and boys to primary and secondary schools.

Globally, 84 million children will be out of school by 2030 if no urgent extra measures are taken (UNESCO 2022). In Tanzania, 3.6 million children comprised of 1.3 million primary school aged 7-13 years and 2.3 million secondary school aged children 14-17 years are out of school (The Ministry of Education and UNICEF Tanzania’s Verification of out of school children Study, March 2018).

To respond to this high number of out of school children, Tanzania government is implementing various Programmes to support girls and boys who have not attended to enroll and who have dropped to return to primary or secondary schools including through:

The Tanzania government has said, it will not be able to alone support, all girls and boys who have not attended to enroll and who have dropped, to return back to primary or secondary schools. The government invites various stakeholders including CHESO to enable Tanzania, by 2023 achieve Sustainable Development goal’s target 4.1 under which Tanzania committed to ensure that all girls and boys attend and complete free, equitable, and quality primary and secondary education.

CHESO is empowering duty bearers for tracing and taking to schools out of school children and the out of school children themselves (Rights holders) to ensure such children access and complete their full years of schooling.