Our Structure


CHESO is a membership organization. Its members constitute the CHESO Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is the highest decision making and controller organ of CHESO and meets annually.


The AGM has delegated some of its powers to the CHESO Board of Directors. The Board is an organ for policy making and oversees the overall CHESO Secretariat’s daily work performance. The Board reports to the AGM and meets quarterly in each year.


The CHESO Board has delegated some of its powers to the CHESO Secretariat steered by its Management team composed of the Executive Director, Finance and Program Managers.

Executive Director, Finance and Programme Managers.


CHESO has semi autonomous field Branch Offices led by Branch Management team made-up of Branch Managers, Finance Officer, Programme Officers and Zonal Coordinators. Each CHESO field Branch Office is overseen by CHESO Branch Executive Committees. CHESO Branch Managers and Executive Committee Chair Persons seat in the CHESO Board as Invitees.  CHESO Branch offices ensure implementation of CHESO activities countrywide at  community levels in seven (7) zones namely: (i) Eastern Zone-Dar Es Salaam, Pwani and Morogoro regions, (ii) Centrol Zone-Dodoma, Singida and Manyara regions, (iii) Western Zone- Tabora and Kigoma regions, (iv) Nothern Zone- Kilimanjaro, Tanga and Arusha regions, (v) South West Highlands Zone- Rukwa, Katavi and Songwe regions, (vi) Western Lake Zone- Geita, Mwanza and Shinyanga regions and lastly, (vii) Eastern Lake zone: Simiyu and Mara regions.